How to Maintain Your Interlock Pathway, Patio or Driveway

Interlock pathways, driveways and patios are beautiful and offer a lot in terms of curb appeal. As long as they are maintained properly, they can remain beautiful for years. They only start to look bad when the stones start to get loose or sink or if weeds start to develop between the pavers or stones. Here are some tips to help you avoid these situations by keeping in some simple maintenance.


Power Wash the Interlocked Area


A good power wash on the interlocked stones or pavers will help to remove any debris and stains. Make sure that you address the entire area when power washing and especially concentrate on the spaces between the stones. You’ll want to make sure that all debris in the cracks is lifted and carried away.


Place Sand between the Stones


Once you have power washed the stones take some polymeric sand and pour it directly onto the interlocked pavers. Then give them a good sweeping with a broom. As you sweep, the gaps will fill in naturally with the sand. This will help keep the stones in place and help prevent them from sinking.


Mist the Area


It’s a good idea to give all of the stones a good mist to make sure that the sand settles in to keep the stones firmly in place. Make sure that you only spray a mist since using too much force will stir up the sand and drive it away.


It’s recommended that the steps above be followed every couple of years to maintain the integrity of the interlocked driveway, patio or pathway.


When you provide good maintenance to your interlock areas, you will be rewarded with fantastic curb appeal that will last and last. If you have any further questions about interlock that has already been placed around your home or would like to get a quote for an interlock job please contact us through our website at or call us directly at 416-887-0884.