The True Value of Curb Appeal

We have all heard about curb appeal but we may not have given it the value it deserves. After all, the topic usually comes up when a person is buying or selling a home, which does not happen often during our lifetimes. It is something, however, that is taken into account by your neighbours, people that are passing by and by visitors to your home. As well, even though you may not realize it, the curb appeal of your home is noticed by you every time you turn into the driveway.


The curb appeal is the part of the home that is seen first. It is the thing that provides a direct reflection of what your home would look like inside. For example, if there are toys strewn along the front lawn on a regular basis, people that see it from the outside will automatically assume that the home is untidy inside. This is just a regular human reaction that may or may not hold merit.


What Is Curb Appeal?


Curb appeal takes into consideration all of the elements that make up the most visible part of your homes such as the paving, landscaping, paint, decor, and lighting. It’s the area that sets the entire tone of the home so it’s important to consider what type of tone you want to set before doing any major renovations. For example, if you want your home to look friendly and inviting, interlock stones in a warm tone leading up to the front porch, lined with some shrubs or flowers, will say “welcome” to any visitor.


You can also have a lot of fun with curb appeal by changing it up according to the seasons. Fall, Spring, Halloween, Christmas and many other holidays can be celebrated at the front of your home. This gives you the chance to show your personality through your home to others.


Take another look at the curb appeal of your home and decide whether it needs some sprucing up. If so, please visit our website at for some great interlock and paving ideas.