Why You Should Call in a Professional for an Interlocking Walkway

Interlocking and n natural stone landscaping

If you’re a do-it-yourself type of person and are able to tackle a lot of different projects around the home, one of them that you may want to leave up to the professionals is your interlocking walkway. While it may seem simple enough to lay down some interlock stones on your own, the process is actually much more complicated than you may think.

While adding an interlocking walkway or patio to your home may seem like a simple proposition to do yourself, there is a lot of planning and consideration that needs to go into it. If you install the paver stones incorrectly they may sink and move before a lot of time has passed and you may encounter other problems including the growth of weeds.

There are a lot of challenges that present themselves due to the elements and these must all be factored into the design of the landscaping project. Excessive rainfall can cause a lot of movement of the soil and present drainage problems. This can destroy the integrity of your interlocking walkway or patio and even bring it to the point where it is rendered unusable.

It’s always best to work with a professional for an interlocking walkway. There is no reason why you can’t take a hands-on approach when using the professional either. You can help with the designing aspect of it and the interlocking expert will let you know whether it can be done and how it should be constructed. You will be provided with helpful advice and then the interlocking company will take over and do all of the hard parts for you.

Creating the Perfect Design with Natural Stone

The perfect interlocking walkway, patio or driveway starts with a great design. Before getting started do some brainstorming with other members of your family or look online to get some ideas. Keep in mind the purpose of the patio if that is what you will be building so that you can take any future plans into account. In the future you may want to add plant beds, a barbecue grill, a hot tub or something else.

You’ll need to figure out what size you want for your interlocking walkway or other landscaping design to be using natural stone. It’s important that the correct calculations are made before starting the project. Let the professional interlocking company do the calculations since they have done many in the past and know the importance of getting it all right. The interlocking business you use will also understand how to take measurements while keeping borders and stone sizes in mind.

Laying down the Foundation

The interlocking professionals will create the perfect base that will not be susceptible to ground movement, settling, erosion and other conditions caused by the weather. This is in fact the most important stage of the project since it is the very foundation upon which the natural stone Vaughan products will sit.

The depth of the base will be calculated using the different weather conditions experienced across the GTA. The slope will be dependent on the foundation of your home and the design will ensure that the interlocking walkway or patio naturally slopes away from the edge of your home. In many cases the decline will be approximately an inch per 4 feet of stones.

The area will then need to be compacted using a landscaping compactor that is built for the job. These compactors tamp down the soil along with the crushed stone that has been placed above the ground. This ensures that the base is solid enough to create the natural stone Vaughan patio or walkway. This step must not be ignored, which is something that many do-it-yourselfers do ignore since they don’t know how to use equipment properly or find it too expensive to rent.

Natural Stone Landscaping – Laying down the Stones

Once the foundation has been thoroughly prepared it’s time to lay down the pavers for natural stone landscaping. This is when the magic takes place as you see all of the hard work that was previously done show up as a beautiful new patio or walkway. The stones must be placed evenly with only enough area between the stones to place the sand. If they are spaced too far apart they will look sloppy and will be prone to movement. If they are placed too close together, on the other hand, there may not be enough room to spread the sand between the small cracks.

In order to make sure that your stones lay properly according to the plan you devised with the professional landscaping interlock company, the stones must be cut to fit. This involves using a special paver saw that can cut through the natural stone Vaughan like butter. Again, as with the compactor, this is a piece of equipment that most people that consider themselves to be handy around the house simply don’t own. A professional natural stone landscaping Vaughan company will have all of this equipment at hand and will have trained professionals using them at your place of residence.

At EGE Interlocking we use only highly experienced and trained interlock professionals to work on any projects for our clients. We are totally committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction for every job we do and we will be there for you after the job is completed should you have any further questions. We will let you know how to care for and maintain the interlocking walkway or patio that was constructed and we are always available for upgrades in the future should you want to extend your patio or walkway even further.

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