Why Is It Important to Seal your Interlock Pathway and Patio?

If you notice that your interlock patio or pathway isn’t looking as good as it used to, it may be an indication that it needs to be sealed. You can save these interlock areas easily by sealing them properly. When you seal your patio and pathway, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits including weed and stain prevention, stone restoration, and overall added protection.


Weed and Stain Prevention


It’s hard to constantly bend down and pick out the weeds that appear in the cracks between stones. It seems that once you have gone over it fully, new weeds start to appear rapidly. Giving your patio and pathway a coating can definitely help with this problem. Avoid the weeds and enjoy the beauty instead.


It’s easy for oil and other types of grease to stain interlock pavers and stones since they are quite porous. These oils make their way through the stone and into the joints and once they are there they can be hard to remove. Sealing the stones gives a layer of resistance so that the grease or oil cannot penetrate into the cracks or stones. Once the area has been sealed, you can park your car or truck again with full confidence that the stones are protected.


Overall Protection


Oil and grease aren’t the only things that can harm your pavers. Other damaging things such as weather elements can wreak damage. In Canada we have large temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Protect your interlock from constant exposure to the elements by getting it coated today.


Stone Restoration


When you pressure wash your patio or pathway it can make it look almost new again. Once you have completed the washing be sure to give the area a protective coating so that it can continue looking that way for a long, long time. It’s an easy extra step that is worth it in the long run.


Find out how you can make your pathway and patio look great again by calling the experts at EGE Interlock. We can be reached by phone at 416-887-0884 or through our website at egeinterlock.com.