What to Consider When Buying Your Interlocking Pavers

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What to Consider When Buying Your Interlocking Pavers

When it’s time to choose interlocking pavers for a driveway, walkway, patio etc., there are many different things that you should consider. You’ll only have one chance to do it right since once the bricks are laid down, there will be no going back unless you are willing to incur a great cost. Here are some of the main factors you should be considering when it’s time to add interlocking pavers to the outside of your home.


Match the Interlocking Stones to Your Home

Take a close look at your home’s architectural style. This will help you decide on the right interlocking stones that you should be choosing. Look past the design and the colour of the bricks on your home and concentrate only on the style. Both the exterior of your home and the landscaping around it should remain consistent in terms of style. This gives unity to the overall design of your property and avoids having your landscape look disjointed.


If you have a modern style of home, for example, interlocking stones with a minimalist design look great. Interlocking pavers that are straight and lengthy that have a smooth texture would also fit in well. Look for contemporary paver stones that have a modern flair to them.


If your home is older with a traditional design, look for interlocking stones that would complement the style well. There are choices available that are brick-inspired that would go perfectly with colonial, traditional home designs.

Interlocking Bricks – Choosing the Right Colour

Once you have the style of interlocking bricks that would work well with your home it’s time to look at your colour choices. You have 2 choices when it comes to colour: you can either choose to keep the colour of the bricks uniform with the home or create a contrast. Modern homes especially often look better when there is a contrast between the interlocking bricks and the bricks on the home.


When you have chosen the style you like you’ll find that there is a wide range of colours with different shades to choose from. When you are having a hard time making up your mind you may want to get some opinions from others. They may make helpful suggestions that you hadn’t considered before. You can also ask our specialized interlocking technicians about your choices since they have worked on many interlocking jobs in the past.


Creating Accent Areas

You can also choose to make a certain landscaping area a focal point to accent your property even further. You may choose to create the main part of this area with contrasting stones and devote a small section in the centre to stones that match the colour of the bricks on your home. As well, you could do the opposite and have a main section done with matching pavers with contrasting pavers running along the outside. There are a number of options to choose from when you are trying to create an accent piece that becomes the focal point of the landscape on your property.


Pay Attention to the Size of the Bricks

The size of the interlocking bricks will all depend on what the area will be used for. If, for example, you are building a walkway that leads to the home from the driveway and there are no children in the household, you can use smaller sized pavers. If, on the other hand, children are going to be riding their bikes over the area and playing on it, you may want to consider getting larger stones that will create less gaps. This provides a safer play area for the kids.


If you are creating a brand-new patio area and don’t know what type of interlocking stones to choose, it’s important to note that larger pavers are usually better for chairs and tables. With less gaps appearing, it’s less likely that the table and chair legs will end up getting caught in the gaps.


Consider the Texture of the Pavers

It’s okay to use textured stones for driveways and walkways but you may want to think twice about getting anything textured for a patio area that will host a table and chairs. It’s much harder to move chairs over textured areas. Bumpy stones may not be the best idea for this type of area. Look for smoother stones but make sure they have a small amount of texture to them so that they don’t end up getting slippery from the rain. You don’t want to run into a situation where you have invited guests over and one of them ends up slipping and falling on your new patio!


Think of the Effect You Are Trying to Create

What is the effect you are trying to achieve with the new pavers? If you choose patterned pavers you can expect to receive an energetic and vibrant vibe from them, which is perfect for pool parties and special barbecues on the patio.  If you are trying to create a rustic living space outdoors, textured pavers present a rugged look. Interlocking stones with clean lines and neutral tones have a calming effect, which is perfect for gardens and tranquil spaces. Think about the mood you are trying to create with your new landscaping stones so that you can choose the best ones right from the start.


Where the Interlocking Pavers Will Be Located

Location is also a key part of choosing your stones. Patios and driveways always present a high risk of staining due to grease, engine oil and other staining materials. These stains will show up more on monotone, light-coloured pavers. Multi-coloured pavers usually hide stains better. This is an important factor to consider if you are going to be re-doing your driveway or patio area.


If you are planning on getting an outside area of your home upgraded with interlocking pavers this spring or summer, please visit our website at www.egeinterlock.com. We are the experts you need to give you a fair quote and we’ll do an excellent job on your property. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and we are willing to work with you to help you pick out the interlocking pavers that will best complement your home.