How to choose the best stone for pool surrounds

Natural Stone Pool

If you are thinking about building a brand-new pool in your backyard, make it your own personal oasis with natural stone. Use stone for the coping, the pool-surround and for the decking. By using natural stone, a wonderful setting can be created in your backyard.


How to Choose the Best Stone

There are different types of stones that would work best in different situations. For example, sandstone and granite are very durable while some other types of natural stones, such as travertine, need more sealant because they are very porous.


You’ll have different options available and the type of stone you choose will also depend on your own personal preferences. You may want to create a more traditional style or you may opt for something that’s more modern. The best thing you can do is to take a look at the stones available to see which one would be the best for you.


As far as colours go, earth tones continue to remain in style with tan and beige colours topping the charts right now. Grey and black still remain popular as well.


Both quartzite and granite are great choices for a poolside setting since they don’t retain the heat of the sun and are extremely durable. Bluestone and flagstone have also been popular choices throughout the years.


The Benefits of Natural Stone

Natural stone is an investment that will provide many benefits throughout the years. It is more durable and dense than concrete and can withstand a lot of heavy traffic. If you and your family have a busy lifestyle, natural stone is the way to go.


If you are going to be barbecuing or even eating around the pool, natural stone doesn’t absorb spills. Even if barbecue sauce or ketchup are spilled on the stone, you won’t be able to notice a colour change once the spill has been cleaned up. Stone remains colour-fast and unlike concrete, it doesn’t fade.


Natural Stone Maintenance

Natural stone is a sustainable choice for a poolside area and it adds natural beauty to the area. Each stone comes with its own grain and colour variations and they are extremely low maintenance. It’s recommended that the stones be deep cleaned and then professionally sealed once every 3- 4 years to keep them protected. When cared for properly, natural stone can be expected to last a lifetime.


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