Boost the Value of Your Home with an Interlocking Driveway in Toronto

Toronto Interlocking driveway

Boost the Value of Your Home with an Interlocking Driveway in Toronto

An interlocking driveway can significantly boost the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future or plan on selling it later on, you can count on interlocking driveway to increase your home’s value. The changes you make to your driveway to update it should be considered as an investment opportunity where the initial payout will be rewarded at the time of sale. In the meantime, as you continue to live in the home, you’ll be able to enjoy both the aesthetic and functional value that an interlocking driveway provides.


Consider the Curb Appeal
A home that features an attractive driveway, lawn and landscaping will have a lot more curb appeal than one that has deteriorated over time. It’s well-known amongst the real estate community that the first impression of a home leaves a lasting impression. When you want to give your home the best chance of selling quickly and at the best price possible, think of the exterior of the home first.


An interlocking driveway can be paired with an interlocking walkway to further the curb appeal. As well, don’t forget that the backyard since it is often also one of the major selling points for a house. Add on a patio to make it an extension of the home or upgrade the existing patio in order to add even more value to your property.


It has been estimated that professional landscaping, which includes both hardscaping and landscaping, can add as much as 15% to 25% to the value of your home. When you are thinking of the budget you have for the outside work you plan to do this year, keep these numbers in mind.


As a rule of thumb, it’s important to keep the entire front exterior as updated, well-maintained and clean as possible. If you’re going to be putting your home up on the market in the foreseeable future, you may also want to consider adding a new front door or painting the door after getting your driveway interlocked. Depending on how fast you answer the door once the doorbell rings, the agent and the potential buyer that are waiting on your porch for you to answer will be facing the door. You’ll want it to look as good as possible!

Interlock Stones for Longevity

Potential buyers are going to be interested not only in the aesthetics of the landscaping around the home but in its functionality. Having interlock stones in place for the driveway, walkway and patio is an instant selling feature. They are the most durable option for driveways since they can last approximately 30 years. Interlock pavers on driveways are also easy to maintain and any damaged stones can be easily replaced if necessary.


If you have a poured concrete or an asphalt driveway, the whole thing would need to be torn up for proper repairs to be done. Otherwise, the driveway could be patched but this can often look unsightly.

The Green Effect of an Interlocking Walkway, Patio or Driveway

Buyers are looking for homes that are being sold by environmentally conscious sellers. Anything that you can add to the list of features in your home that are green will help sell your home faster. An interlocking walkway, driveway or patio allows rainwater to easily pass through. This prevents storm water from entering waterways and sewers. As well, since the interlock stones will last for decades, there is less environmental ways to deal with.


When a concrete or asphalt driveway needs to be replaced, there is a lot of waste involved that will need to be brought to the local landfill area. Anything you can do to make your house more environmentally-friendly will automatically make your home appear to be more valuable in the eyes of the beholders.


How to Choose Your Interlock Design
In order to raise the value of your home you’ll want your new interlocked areas to look the best they possibly can. Here are a few things to consider when it comes time to choose the best design for an interlocking driveway, interlocking walkway or patio.


Interlocking Driveway
Interlocking driveways last longer than concrete or asphalt driveways

  • They are easy to repair
  • Offer flexibility with a wide variety of designs and colours
  • Can withstand severe temperature changes
  • Can be designed to either match the home or add contrast to it


Interlocking Patio

  • The outdoor space should be considered to be an extension of your home
  • The interlocking patio should complement the home
  • Interlock stones last a lot longer than wood
  • Envision the backyard for present use and for future use.


Interlocking Walkways

  • Can be created to match the design of the driveway or patio
  • Interlocking walkways look stunning and elegant
  • Can be installed with both straight and curved features
  • Can match the architectural style of your home


When you’re selling your home you’ll want to create the best curb appeal possible according to your budget. If you plan on staying in your home for quite a while, you’ll want to enjoy the aesthetics of it while at the same time making it more valuable for a future sale. When you invest in an interlocking driveway, interlocking walkway or a new patio, you’ll be making both a short-term and a long-term investment.


Every guest or potential buyer that makes the short journey starting from the street and ending up at your front door will be travelling along a path. This path is a reflection of what a person could expect to see inside your home. In order to best represent your personality and the uniqueness of your home, start from the driveway. This is the best way to attract visitors and homebuyers to your property.


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